About the App

How does the Tick App work?

The Tick App has two interactive features: the Tick Diary and Report-a-Tick sections. By using them, you can help us identify risk factors and prevention strategies to reduce people’s exposure to ticks.

You can also look up information on how to remove and identify a tick at any time, and learn more about ticks!

This is the first launch of the app. The app will be updated throughout the season with bug fixes and other details. We have plans for its expansion so it will be more interactive and hopefully can for fill a better role in tick bite prevention next year. Feel free to email your suggestions (tick app @ wisc.edu).

Android Tip: If you are in a remote location (or there is a pour internet connection for another reason) the app pages might be loading slow.  If you want to access the information as soon as possible you can turn on airplane mode and access the pages offline.

How can I participate?

You can download the app here:  iTunes and Google Play store. You can share our research through Facebook, Twitter and posting the Tick App Launch Poster

Fill in the Tick Diary:

  • Complete it each evening for 15 consecutive days during the high tick season (May-July) and 15 consecutive days during the low tick season (August-September).
  • During the 15-day Tick Diary session we will also record your location and weather information. You can opt-out by changing your settings on your phone.
  • That information will help us better understand how and where are people more at risk of finding ticks and can help learn more about your environment.

Report a Tick:

  • If you find a tick on you, your pet or a household member. Report it here!
  • This way we can record what tick species people are encountering and where.


How to use the Tick Diary?

1- A Tick Diary entry is very short and we ask if:

  • If you found any ticks
  • What did you do that day
  • If you used any protective measures against ticks

2- Each day you can only complete one entry in your Tick Diary

The top of the diary screen will tell you the day the dairy relates to.

3-  Frequency:

  • The diary is available in the evening and early next morning.
    • If you fill in the diary in the morning, we ask you about the day before.
  • The diary is otherwise greyed-out and unavailable.
  • When the diary is orange it is available.

4- Reminders:

  • You will receive daily remainders in the evening after you fill in the first Tick Diary entry.
  • The daily reminders will stop after you complete 15 entries.
  • However you can fill in as many diaries as you want.


How to stop and start location services?

Your location can be tracked at any time if you allow the app access to your location services. For our research we are primarily interested in your whereabouts during the time you fill in the tick diary.

To turn location services on or off:

  • For iPhones: Settings >> The Tick App>> Location
  • For Android: Settings >> Apps >> The Tick App >> Permissions

All your information will be kept on secure servers.


How to Report-a-Tick?

1- In the Report a Tick section you will find a short form and we ask:

  • Who had the tick
  • Where and what do you think you were doing when you picked up the tick
  • Which tick do you think it was


2- You can report it at any time and as many as you find. You need to complete a new report for each tick you find.

3- You will receive a unique tick ID number for each reported tick. With that information:

  • Send us or other researchers the tick for identification
  • Send the tick to other institutions for testing if you wish.
  • Send a picture to us to help us confirm what people are bit by and help you identify it.

How do I contact the Tick App Team? If you have any questions or suggestions please email tickapp @ wisc.edu.