Tick testing services

Several universities, public health agencies, commercial companies and other entities offer tick identification and pathogen testing of your tick.

Different tick species transmit different pathogens, so it helps to know which species bit you. You can send the image of your tick or tick to us, but we are not testing them. Even if a tick is tested for pathogens and none were detected, that does not mean that there is zero chance of you developing a disease. There is the chance that other ticks might have been attached to you and gone unnoticed (they are very small!).

Submit a picture:

  • In the Tick App you can submit your Tick report and picture through a pop up website. We hope to have this option integrated in the app in 2019 (or sooner)!
  • From Wisconsin? Click here to submit the story and pictures to the Wisconsin Medical Entomology Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin – Madison part of the Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-borne Disease.
  • From anywhere? www.tickspotters.org
  • From anywhere? Try your extension contact of insect diagnostician.

The actual tick for identification and testing:

Know of any other places where ticks can be submitted for identification or testing, let us know (tickapp@wisc.edu).