Anybody over 18 years old is welcome to join the Tick App project! This year the in-person part of the study is also available in Wisconsin. We will be focused on Eau Claire, Madison, Baraboo and Minoqua areas.

Tick Chat: We like to learn about your thoughts about ticks, tick-borne disease and what our research can do about it. We will be hosting conversations about ticks and the Tick App project in:

  • Eau Claire – May 22nd, interested? Register here.
  • Madison – May TBD
  • Mirror Lake – May 25th or 30th, interested? Register here.
  • Near Minoqua – End of June

The conversations are about one hour and limited to 10-15 people. Therefor we request you to sign up and we will confirm with you.

Backyard tick collections: Residential sampling, i.e. collecting ticks in back yards, will be done in:

  • Eau Claire – June 3rd until June 10th
    • In and near Putnam Park
    • In and near Centennial Park
    • In and near Lowe’s Creek County Park

If you live near these parks and would like to enroll in the Tick App and have your backyard sampled for ticks, please contact us via email (tickapp @ wisc.edu) or flag us down during our visit to your neighborhood.